Use of blended learning solutions to deliver first class training

Enhanced Learning Environment (ELE)

Holdfast has developed an ELE which is available as an on-line school accessible by all those undergoing training. It is a well established model that is widely used in further and higher education but tailored to the needs of the RSME and its students, and forms part of the blended learning solution being employed. It also supports lifelong learning well after formal training at Chatham and Minley has been completed.

Our ELE gives staff and students the opportunity to access learning materials when, where and how they wish in order to expand their learning opportunities. WIFI has been introduced which permits the ELE to be accessed in the accommodation blocks and messes enabling all ranks to do research, undertake revision or review of already taught modules or search the net outside of the classroom environment. On arrival individuals are given a user name and log-on which stays with them throughout their career and allows them access to information, courses and social networks that are relevant to them as required.

Additionally, because the ELE can be accessed via the internet, it has and will continue to be used to support remote learning thereby potentially reducing the requirement for individuals to be away from their Units.

For those with a log in and password, the ELE can accessed via the link below.