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The safety of employees, military staff and students, and all those visiting the RSME PPP sites is our main priority. To ensure that we send our people Home Safe Every Day, we have embarked on a fully compliant safety management programme that includes annual staff training and toolbox talks in order to develop a positive safety culture that focuses on the environment (are there inherent dangers that may cause harm and do people have the right tools and equipment?), working practices (is the method of working safe?) and behaviours (safety is all our responsibilities). In order to deliver the safety improvements required and to maximise effectiveness our safety structure is fully embedded within the military organisation.  Year on year we collectively aim to reduce the number of accidents and injuries as part of a journey towards zero incidents.  An essential part of this journey is the reporting of near misses as the information gathered informs our decision making processes and helps us recognise trends or potentially unsafe conditions which can be subsequently mitigated or avoided. To help us minimise accidents and incidents we have a ‘Don’t walk By’ safety campaign in place which encourages all individuals to challenge unsafe acts and to safely remove hazards; each incident or potential incident is recorded on a safety card and reported to the Service Support Desk for the chance to win a monthly prize.  
The continued mental and physical well-being of staff and students also play a key role in the success of the contract; Holdfast provides carefully balanced menus in the messes to ensure that individuals get the daily nutrients required as well as Wellbeing Boards promoting a balanced diet as well as some other tips such as ‘don’t skip breakfast’, ‘remember your carbs’ and ‘stay hydrated before, during and after exercise’; the latter being of particular importance at a military training establishment, in the Junior Ranks’ Mess.  Additionally Holdfast participates in many health related activities ranging from the regular unit health fairs open to military and civilian staff that cover everything from weight loss to cholesterol and blood pressure testing to the annual Virgin Global Challenge as well as providing staff briefings and training on health related issues such as how to recognise stress in the workplace.

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