Creating learners who understand the underlying principles and who can apply their knowledge to unfamiliar cenarios

Holdfast is committed to ensuring that its training services support the Royal Engineers long established reputation for the delivery of exceptionally high quality training.

We aim to combine industry best practice and innovation to transform the current training system to make it more relevant to today's military personnel, flexible enough to react to changing operational requirements and able to support through life learning. Modern blended training methods place more responsibility on students to manage their own learning progress, but at the same time allow more focussed coaching and mentoring by our expert staff.  We expect the result to be military personnel confident in their ability to solve problems within their specialisation on arrival at their first operational unit.

We are developing a Continuous Improvement Culture that seeks to continually enhance the quality of training delivery, provide more focused training for individuals and reduce the time that students spend under training, away from their units. Throughout we will ensure that students continue to acquire and retain the skills, knowledge, military ethos and motivation necessary for them to contribute effectively in their operational roles.